Giant MC Swap Meet and Kettering University Author Fair events

On Sunday, September 30 – 11:00 to 4:00 – I’ll be at the Delta Plex auditorium in Grand Rapids as part of the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet series. Selling and signing all books.

On Friday and Saturday, October 26 & 27, I will be at the 2012 Arts & Authors Fair at Kettering University, in Flint, Michigan. The Friday event runs from 12 – 6 p.m. and 10:00 – 3:00 on Saturday.  Grace & Grit and all my books will be available for purchase – – signed and dedicated as the buyer requests.

Grace & Grit Introductory events are winding down

After another very enjoyable day at Vehicle City Harley-Davidson’s Bike Show on June 16th  I’m taking a bit of a break for some riding, work, and family.

A couple of events in July in Michigan mark the end of the initial burst of activity to introduce this unique book.  On July 21 come on out to what is perhaps Michigan’s largest motorcycle event –  Muskegon Bike Week. As part of the show I’ll be giving a talk about motorcycling opportunities in Michigan and of course talking about the women who star in Grace & Grit.  11:00 at Hackley Library in downtown Muskegon.

A week later, July 28, join the fun, and me, at Shiawassee Harley Davidson’s annual Bike Show in the metropolis of Birch Run, Michigan, halfway between Flint and Saginaw. I’ll be selling all four motorcycle touring guides, plus of course talking about and signing copies of G&G.

Men – if there is a woman in your life who enjoys the motorcycling scene, or who simply enjoys reading stories of historic adventures by other daring women, then a copy of Grace and Grit makes the perfect gift for that special person. And if you enjoy stories about motorcycling history and adventure then you’ll enjoy reading G&G every bit as much as the savvy woman in your life.

Ladies – ever wonder what the motorcycling lifestyle is all about, or maybe you’re already a participant but want to learn more – come on out to the Women’s Garage Night at Vehicle City Harley-Davidson in Flint, MI Thursday evening, June 7th, 6 – 8 p.m.  In addition to the many folks there to make this a special event I will be selling a book that defines the heart and soul of women motorcyclists – Grace and Grit: Motorcycle Dispatches From Early Twentieth Century Women Adventurers.

Grace and Grit – A New Book About Early Twentieth Century Women Adventurers

Grace and Grit:  Motorcycle Dispatches From Early Twentieth Century Women Adventurers

Some stories must be told. Tales of adventure, courage, and indomitable spirit that deserve to be part of the public domain to educate, fascinate, and prove once again the rewards that await those who dare to try. Stories worth repeating are almost always about those few who have the nerve to attempt what others say is impossible, impractical, foolhardy, or even wrong.  The adventures and accomplishments of Effie and Avis Hotchkiss, Della Crewe, Augusta and Adeline Van Buren, Blanche Stuart Scott, and several other women whose true stories appear in this book are examples of legends and lessons that transcend generations.

A century ago, the “gentle sex” was not supposed to do the sorts of things these unrestrained young women did. Several decades of Victorian Era attitudes had created prevailing impressions in Europe and North America as to what a woman should, and should not, do. Flying a flimsy and problem-prone early airplane, traveling alone across the continent or around the world over thousands of miles of muddy roads, mountain heights, and through barren deserts were the sort of activities that women were not supposed to do circa 1915. And being covered head to toe with grease and dirt from fixing a motorcycle or changing a car tire in the mud was certainly not viewed as lady-like behavior.

The women who are the stars of this book had the right stuff—the character, the grit, the courage, the intellect, and the resourcefulness—to pull off historic and adventurous travel at a time when such journeys were a decidedly difficult proposition. And they did it with charm and grace. When the complete story is told within the full setting of time, place, and circumstances, one can more fully appreciate the legends they fashioned by their deeds.

While the lives of these women were unquestionably changed as a result of their exploits, they also helped change America. Each small town they traveled through, the accounts of reporters who detailed their adventures in newspaper and magazine articles, and every word of mouth retelling of someone’s encounter with them helped change how post-Victorian American society viewed women.

Come share the story of these marvelous women and our country as it existed a century ago; a place that Americans today would be hard pressed to recognize.